Dear NCBA Members and Advocates: 

During this challenging time, NCBA is doing everything it can to help its member law firms and attorneys nationwide continue their professional activities and navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as safely as possible.  

To that end, NCBA already sent a letter to the White House and Congressional leaders to advocate for support for small businesses and for the critical work our members provide. NCBA specifically opposes a complete ban on debt collection and highlights that NCBA members and their clients currently have robust policies in place to deal with the hardships consumers are dealing with created by the COVID-19 health crises.

We encourage you and you colleagues to write your legislators to help ensure our association members – as well as their employees – are able to continue their law firm operations as well as provide hardship options to affected consumers.   

Our suggested letter to elected officials points out:

  • Proposed debt collection moratorium could last 12-16 months
  • Proposed Bill(s) would substantially and irrevocably harm consumers and small businesses
  • Our member firms already have and are utilizing robust hardship policies for affected consumers
  • Proposed Bill(s) would shut down an entire industry that supports small businesses and other critical financial services

Important details about the Rally Congress portal:

  • You will need to enter your street address for Rally Congress to identify your congressperson. Your congressperson will not be displayed at the top beside your senators after doing so though.
  • Rally Congress will automatically add the name of the congressman or senator at the top, and your name in closing, to the message before sending.

For resources and more information to help address the impact of COVID-19, visit NCBA’s website.

For questions or assistance, email NCBA’s Government Affairs Officer at  

Thank you for your strong support. 


Nathan D. Willner, JD 

Government Affairs Officer

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